Rabu, Juni 30, 2010

Naskah Story Telling

Naskah Story Telling ini disampaikan oleh Chintia Dwi Lestari pada kegiatan pasca UKK tahun ajaran 2009/2010. Peraih juara I pada lomba Story Telling, hari Kamis, 16 Juni 2010.

"The Lion and The Hare"

Once upon a time, a Lion had been hunting for days without cathing anything to eat. "It looks like I will go hungry again!" he thought. Then he saw a hare fast a deep beneath a shady tree. He moved guiet towards it, thingking. "At last ! Here is a delicious meal sitting and waiting for me!"
He was about to catch the hare when a fine young deer trotted by. The Lion thought, "Now, there is an even better dinner!" He turned and chased the deer. The noise woke the have and he quickly hopped a way. After a loong chase, the Lion failed to catch the deer. Tired our he came back looking for the hare but found that it had run a way.
"What a fool I am!" the Lion said as his empty stomach growted. "Itserves me right for losing the food that was almost mine, just for the chance of getting more!" Don't be greedy, or you may lose everything in the end.

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